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Financing Growth

Financing business expansion is at the essence of what places London, New York and Singapore at the forefront of the world's financial system.  

BlockchainAnalytica believes that helping young businesses finance themselves is the most important job which a City focused business can do.

BlockchainAnalytica is keen to hear from businesses in the blockchain, cryptoassets and digital currency spaces who look to raise money either through tokens or plain equity.  

We are well aware that a number of blockchain based businesses are service providers with no inherent interest in either crypto or digital.  But we can still advise companies who wish to raise finance in the form of equity for them.

BlockchainAnalytica is excited by the growth of new digital exchanges.  A number of these will be important conduits for capital raising.   We would like to introduce raising companies to those exchanges where we already have working relationships.


BlockchainAnalytica’s extensive range of high net worth, investment management and private equity relationships places the organization well to help its Blockchain/Cryptoasset/Digital currency customers raise funds. Through our operating partners with exchanges we are able to raise money through tokens, which has the clear advantage for raising companies of non-dilution.

For SaaS providers into blockchain we are able to offer support for conventional equity raises. There are multiple funding routes for those who wish to raise money in the private markets: private equity funds, venture capital, specialist investors. 

BlockchainAnalytica argues that it is in a position to advise and assist with the most appropriate route to funding.