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A Unique Offering in Blockchain, Cryptoassets and Digital currency

In our view, the ability to offer all five of investment research, investor relations, corporate advisory token economics and fundraising services, puts BlockchainAnalytica well ahead of other finance houses in the Blockchain/Cryptoasset/Digital currency space.  We believe that potential customers will be well served by engaging BlockchainAnalytica to execute between one and all five of these functions.  Importantly, we offer best practice, experience and value for money.


Blockchain, Cryptoassets and Digital currencies assets coexist well together and should be at the forefront of some significant changes both in terms of how global business is conducted, how payments are transacted and the way in which wealth is stored. 

However, critical services appear lacking. We make the case for development in the City of London for a full service provider in the closely related areas of Blockchain, Cryptoassets and Digital currencies. This website argues how the case for companies and investors to engage the services of BlockchainAnalytica.”

BlockchainAnalytica’s primary purpose is to assist companies which wish to raise money in the Blockchain, Cryptoassets and Digital currency space. These objectives are detailed in full on this website.  All five of BlockchainAnalytica’s activities relate closely to its objective of raising expansion capital. These functions are summarised as Corporate Advisory, Fundraising, Investment Research, Investor Relations and Token Economics.  We cover all five in separate section.  Welcome to BlockchainAnalytica!


Brian Basham

Brian  is a co-founder of Blockchain Analytica.  He founded Equity Development in 1997. Before this he was a financial journalist with the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and The Times before he became a fund manager. He then moved into Corporate Communications, specialising in M&A, and redefined the business with his company the Broad Street Group, which he floated. In 1997 he instigated and guided the 1998 Treasury Report into the Smaller Quoted Company Market and co-wrote ‘Tomorrow’s Giants’ with the former senior Treasury official Craig Pickering.  


Chris Wickham

Chris is a co-founder of Blockchain Analytica.  He joined Equity Development in 2017 as a senior equity analyst to cover branded, consumer oriented companies.   His career spans more than 30 years as a senior analyst in both asset management and investment banking.  He held senior analyst roles at Lehman Brothers  Bankers Trust, Matrix, Societe Generale, Stifel and Whitman Howard.  Chris achieved Extel, Institutional Investor and Starmine rankings as well as being rated Research Tree’s top analyst across all sectors in 2017.   


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